Family, passion, tradition

Terre di Petrara is located in the green Irpinia, the innermost part of the Campania hinterland. This area, described by a hilly landscape and wooded expanses, represents a place steeped in memory and ancient culture.

Here the story of the Simonelli family begins, which for centuries has been reaping the fruits of its land. The first official writings of this process date back to 1816, today faithfully reported on the labels. The local production was reserved for a few close friends until 2009, when the three brothers Giuseppe, Alberto and Mario Simonelli decided to offer the wines to the public so that its flavors could be appreciated even outside their own borders.

To watch over the crops there is a majestic centenary oak, testimony of the history of the Family and its territory, which today stands as a symbol in the Terre di Petrara logo.

The biggest challenge was to preserve the original flavor enjoyed by those who uncorked it the first time, bottling the authenticity and style that have always distinguished the family tradition.